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SamCare Training 


Welcome to SamCare Training. We provide individual Commercial & E-Learning Training. Our

organisation uses a holistic approach.

We Equip All Our Candidates With Knowledge & Technique To help Them Practice Confidently Allowing Them to Deliver Best Standard of Service


  •  We use Teaching and demonstrate strategies which are clearly defined and easily understood.​

  • We promote the culture of continuous learning and progression. ​

  • Leverage Learning Managemet Technology enables the effective management, delivery and consumption of our training programs. 

  • All our training courses are developed and delivered by professionals who are specialists in the area of your requested training. 

  • All our trainings are up to date with the Regulatory Standard and are accredited by accreditation bodies in the UK .

  • We support individuals by helping them work to the best of their ability and advise them on developing personal and professional skills . 

  • We create special opportunities for our clients, ensuring that their staff are well trained and are Competent to Deliver high Standard of Care.


We are  Specialised In.. 

  1. Health & Social Care 

  2. Child Care 

  3. Catering & Hospitality 

  4. Business and Administration 

  5. Management & Team Leading 

  6. Information Technology 

  7. Advise and Guidance 

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